Depending on whether you are running on 32- or 64-bit Java modify your application startup scripts by changing it similar to following:
java -javaagent:PLUMBR_HOME/plumbr.jar -agentpath:PLUMBR_HOME/lib/linux/32/ my.packages.MyClass
java -javaagent:PLUMBR_HOME/plumbr.jar -agentpath:PLUMBR_HOME/lib/linux/64/ my.packages.MyClass
Restart your application

When everything went smoothly, you will see the following banner in the restarted JVM standard output and a new JVM appears in

* Plumbr (15.01.4138) is attached.                         *
*                                                          *
* Plumbr agent is connected to the Plumbr Server.          *
* Open up to follow its progress. *