This platform is officially not supported. But before surrendering, we can only encourage you to try us out - in general, Plumbr is supposed to run on almost any JVM/OS/application server combination. So, try out the following:

When using Oracle Java 1.6 or newer just add following to your application startup scripts:
java -javaagent:PLUMBR_HOME/plumbr.jar
When using IBM Java or pre 1.6 Oracle Java versions, you need to specify the agentpath locating the native libraries dependent of your OS and whether you are running 32 or 64 bit JVM, similar to the following example on 64-bit Linux:
java -javaagent:PLUMBR_HOME/plumbr.jar -agentpath:PLUMBR_HOME/lib/linux/64/
To find the exact native library suitable, check out the PLUMBR_HOME/lib folder.

When everything went smoothly, you will see the following banner in the restarted JVM standard output and a new JVM appears in

* Plumbr (15.01.4138) is attached.                         *
*                                                          *
* Plumbr agent is connected to the Plumbr Server.          *
* Open up to follow its progress. *