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Helping our customers
to provide faster and more reliable
digital user experience

How do we help?

Plumbr Real User Monitoring will capture the digital user experience.

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Plumbr Application Monitoring will build distributed traces to spot bottlenecks & errors.

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Plumbr Professional Services helps your team to gain control over performance & availability.

We will not overwhelm you with data or metrics.

Instead we expose evidence-based intelligent insights that equip your team with the knowledge of how, when and why to use this information to improve the digital user experience.

Real User Monitoring

Plumbr Browser Agent captures every interaction with the UI along with the duration and outcome of the interaction. API calls to back-end are linked with the interaction.

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Our Browser Agent keeps track of what the users are doing and what they are experiencing.

As a result, you get exposure to entire user journey.

Application Monitoring

Our backend agents trace the API calls to back-end throughout the distributed infrastructure. Errors and bottlenecks experienced by users are captured and linked with the user interaction.

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Distributed tracing

Our agents trace every user interaction throughout the nodes processing the interaction. As a result, end-to-end transparency is gained.

Error detection

Whenever any of the back-end services fails to respond successfully, the corresponding error is captured and linked to the failing user interaction.

Bottleneck detection

All performance issues are captured in back-end nodes as bottlenecks referring to the problematic source code and linked to the failing user interaction.

Professional services

Taking control of performance and availability can be a daunting exercise. We will be there to support your team with our experience and best practices.


Your team will be brought up to speed on

  • Which metrics to track
  • How to set performance objectives or budgets
  • How to design and handle alerts
  • How to keep track of progress via reporting
  • How to speed up root cause analysis
  • How to decide if, when and what to improve

Installation & Integration

We make sure installation instructions will be tailored for your build/release processes & technologies. We help you to integrate the information exposed by Plumbr to your existing tools and processes.

Process discovery and improvements

We will help your teams to start using the information exposed by Plumbr. Be it incident or problem management, support workflows or SLA management – we will tailor a solution best suitable for you.

How we will be working with you

We exist to help our customers to deliver faster and more reliable digital user experience. When we decide to go on the journey together, two things have to happen for you to really gain the control over the performance and availability:

Monitoring solutions alone will not make your software faster or more reliable. They need to be deployed as part of a continuous feedback loop embedded into your change or incident process.

Our products capture and expose the information about the user experience. This insight enables you to make the decisions of whether, what and how to improve.

We need to understand how you develop and maintain your software.

We have carefully investigated the different development and operational practices to tailor different solutions based on what is best fit for you.

What will you gain – engineering & IT operations

Your engineering and operations team will be equipped with objective evidence on all performance and availability related issues.

Prioritize based on the impact of bottlenecks and errors

Your team will no longer make decisions on what to investigate or fix based on rumors. Better yet, we zoom you right into the source code causing the issues.

Every failure in the back-end is traced to its origin in source code.

All failed interactions get mapped to specific errors, exposing a list of unique errors ranked by their impact.

Every user interaction exposes the bottlenecks where the most time is spent.

All interactions including this bottleneck are mapped to the specific bottleneck, exposing a list of bottlenecks, ranked by the total time each of them added to user interactions.

Be alerted when availability or performance issues occur

Your team should not rely on end users reporting the issues. Before the support receives a complaint, your engineering team is already resolving the incident.

Send a PagerDuty alert when during the last 10 minutes the rate of users facing the errors has exceeded 2%.

Send an email to ops@example.com when during the last 10 minutes either:

  • Median response time for real users has increased over 800ms.
  • 99th percentile for response times has increased over 5,000ms.

What will you gain – business insights

Correlating performance and availability information captured by Plumbr with your business objectives exposes the impact failures that poor performance has on your digital business. For example:

Understand how availability impacts the engagement

After experiencing a failed user interaction in UI, the users are 2x more likely to disengage

Understand how performance impacts the engagement

If you improve the performance by 20%, the engagement over content would raise 6%.

We will help you to understand the impact performance and availability have to any business objectives – be it engagement, retention, conversion or productivity, you will know what you will lose due to errors and bottlenecks. ROI calculations on performance or availability improvements become possible.

We will integrate with your existing monitoring tools & processes

We are aware that your team is already using different monitoring solutions and processes. Plumbr provides API to integrate the information captured by us to tools and methods already in place.

Using a central solution for metrics and alerts?

Integrate performance and availability metrics captured by Plumbr with your Prometheus / Zabbix / Nagios via our API.

Making business decisions based on BI dashboards?

Enrich the information on your DataDog / Tableau dashboard by correlating the business metrics with performance and availability information captured by Plumbr.

Having a streamlined incident management process in place?

Enable your operations team to make decisions based on objective & evidence based information captured by Plumbr.

We will expose the impact performance and availability have to business objectives. You will understand how engagement, conversion or productivity will drop due to errors and bottlenecks

Let us help you

We take pride in what we do. To the extent where we do not measure our success in dollars but in the amount of time we save for your end users or how many failures we helped you to avoid. Everyone in Plumbr from marketing to sales to engineering to customer success is focused in making sure you will gain control over the performance and availability.

We have made sure our goals are aligned with your gains. We stay true to our mission and track our progress by keeping an eye on whether or not your users are enjoying faster and more reliable digital user experience.

We want you to succeed. If you are interested in joining the Plumbr community, start by using our products on a 14 day trial or contact us for a demo.

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