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Singularity is near – Plumbr 2.0 is released

December 10, 2012 by Priit Potter Filed under: Product Updates

We have worked hard during the past months and can now proudly present you the results. In a form of new Plumbr release. In the 2.0 version we are shipping you a complete rewrite on the core algorithms with significant leak detection improvements. The quality of leak detection algorithms is significantly increased: we now find 88% of all leaks present in the applications.

This number might need a bit more insight from us. What we do behind the closed doors is a lot of (machine) learning. Free Plumbr versions send us anonymous statistics about the object creation and destruction patterns. We used this data as a training set for supervised machine learning to improve our leak detection algorithm.

Our experts confirmed hundreds of memory leaks out of more than 400,000 memory snapshots from thousands of different applications to be used as a training set to generate new and improved leak detection algos. Based on the results we have discovered several new metrics which allowed greatly increase detection precision.

The algorithms have reached to the point that we even discovered a leak in Plumbr itself – one of the nightlies contained a problematic code and we truly felt that we are working towards singularity when we discovered this leak. Hopefully this does not frighten you out and you still feel like downloading the new and improved release.

Other changes in the release contain smaller but nevertheless nice improvements:

  • Classloader leak detection algorithm now handles much more nicely the situation when many applications/servlets were destroyed in rapid succession. Now only one report is created after that rapid destruction has ended.
  • We do not generate duplicate reports during subsequent redeploys triggering classloader leaks.
  • Improvement to classloader leak detection – we do not display false positive reports on JSP compilation.
  • Windows installation now detects JAVA_HOME from the registry
  • Alerts displayed by Plumbr GUI are now in sych with Plumbr warmup period
  • Alerts displayed on exhausted PermGen are now displayed properly
  • Installation instructions are now taking into account platform-specifics. Get your personalized installation guide from our site.
  • And our lawyers forced us to update the EULA.

If you are facing a memory leak and cannot resolve it – go ahead, register and download Plumbr. If you are running an older version of Plumbr, we strongly recommend downloading an upgrade.