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Product Launch: Introducing Plumbr Browser Agent

May 9, 2017 by Ivo Mägi Filed under: Plumbr Product Updates

We are happy to introduce our new product Plumbr Browser Agent. We want our users to never lose another customer due to poor website performance.

Too many development teams solve issues based on emotional, often vague feedback from customers when they should be prioritizing tasks based on facts. Automated tools like Plumbr Browser Agent are more objective and accurate than humans making fixing the right issues much faster.

Plumbr Browser Agent:

  • Measures every user interaction with your application
  • Works with any HTML/JS based web application regardless of the backend (.NET, PHP, Java, …)
  • Collects data automatically & is invisible to end users
  • Offers real-time transparency with regard to the user experience
  • Adds minimal performance overhead
  • Can be installed in mere minutes and does not require any configuration

Our previous product offering, packaged as a Java agent, was designed to expose the performance issues in applications deployed on Java Virtual Machine. Plumbr Browser Agent however works with any HTML/JS based web application regardless of the backend.

Browser Agent will tell you how many negative and positive interactions your users experienced:

real time user monitoring in web applications

And which of the services are throwing the most errors to most users:

monitor how slow is your web application

It also provides you a nice overview of everything you need to know about your application’s performance from end user perspective:

performance monitoring for web applications

We invite everyone to create a two-week free account and give it a try. Become a performance superhero and never lose another customer due to the poor performance of your application.