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Plumbr launches End User Monitoring

October 7, 2015 by Ivo Mägi Filed under: Plumbr Product Updates

Today we launched the biggest change to our product so far. Plumbr Performance Monitoring now monitors the end-user experience and links the detected performance and availability issues to the root cause in source code. With this change we filled the gap in our offering where the detected performance bottlenecks were not quantifiable in terms of impact to end users.

Plumbr released End User Monitoring

Initial data shows that we are able to equip more than 50% of the slow or failed end user transactions with actual root cause in source code. Within a month we expect to publish more detailed numbers, but even now I can only promise the ratio can and will only go up as we keep adding new root cause types on quarterly basis.

Having Plumbr monitoring your JVMs for potential performance issues results in truly fast triaging & fixing cycles, in turn increasing availability and quality of your services.

The best way to understand our offering is via an example – just check out the following 2-minute screencast where we are monitoring our own services with Plumbr Agents. The screencast is narrated by our CEO Priit Potter.

[embed-video url=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/TyNNiLxsj2M”]

We are truly excited about the release. This is the first of our releases we can say was tested mostly via eating our own dog food. Testing the release with Plumbr has exposed tens of different performance issues we were able to solve before making the software accessible to you.

The new product is stable and publicly available as of Oct 7, 2015. It has been used to monitor Plumbr’s own services since May and was rolled out to private beta customers a couple weeks ago. I can only recommend you to go ahead and check it out – the performance problems in your applications are just waiting to be revealed!