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Plumbr 3.3: we have become immortal

November 1, 2013 by Ivo Mägi Filed under: Product Updates

Besides publishing content in this blog, our team has been busy updating Plumbr as well. The result of this activity is now available in the form of a new Plumbr agent release – from today you can get your hands on the brand new 3.3 release.

The biggest improvement is the “immortality” feature – after discovering the leak, Plumbr used to stop monitoring your application. As of now, when a leak is found, Plumbr keeps monitoring for other leaks to surface. Considering that some applications have contained as many as ten memory leaks it should be a good news.

Another visible improvement is related to report quality – you should now get better guidelines to how to fix a leak. Below is a sample report guiding you towards a threadpool-related fix.

Leak solution guidelines

Third important enhancement is in reduced number of false positives. We are now 4% less likely to bug you with reports which actually are not caused by a memory leak.

Other improvements and bug fixes are less visible, but the overall stability has increased significantly with over 100 smaller bugfixes and enhancements shipping in the release. So – I can only recommend you to go and grab the upgrade!