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Plumbr is mature: 1.0RC6 adds hot attach function

April 28, 2012 by Priit Potter Filed under: Product Updates

We are writing in from Tallinn Airport, on our way to San Francisco to the YCombinator interview. And we want to announce a major user interface update of our memory leak detector tool.
This release of Plumbr is special also in another way: it is the final feature release before the official Plumbr 1.0. From this point on, we will only improve infrastructure and fix possible bugs, but will not add to the functionality any more. Plumbr 1.0 will introduce paid plans, which means that now is the last opportunity to use a feature-complete Plumbr for free. Hurry!

If you have the tool already, we strongly encourage you to upgrade. If you don’t, enter your e-mail address in the box to the right – and have Plumbr running in your desktop or server in 5 minutes.

And now to the most exciting part: if you want to catch the memory leak in an application that you don’t feel like restarting, or want to try Plumbr without fiddling with the start-up parameters of your app, you can now hot-attach Plumbr to that app on the fly!

Just start Plumbr, and you will see a  jconsole-like list of running Java processes to connect to:

Choose your application from the list, click Attach, and – voilà! – you’re done. Plumbr starts monitoring the application.

We also hope to improve the user experience with other additions and improvements here and there – too detailed to list here. The most important ones are described in the user manual, but you will get the best overview when you try Plumbr out yourself.

Just head to plumbr.io, fill in your e-mail address. You’ll get an e-mail instantly and have Plumbr up and running in 2 minutes.