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Plumbr 1.0RC5 is available – doubling the number of supported environments

March 7, 2012 by Priit Potter Filed under: Product Updates

When I ask our users what they think about Plumbr, most of the replies fall into 3 categories:

  1. “Love it, the installation was a snap and I found the memory leak in my app” (or “… don’t have any leaks at the moment, but will continue to use Plumbr”)
  2. “Nice concept, but unfortunately I couldn’t get it to work, because my environment is apparently not supported”
  3. “It looked interesting and I downloaded it to play around, but haven’t yet had time to use it”

We are excited to say that we’ve taken a huge step further of eliminating the second answer listed above. With the update today we approximately doubled the number of different environments that can benefit from Plumbr. The new version brings support for Java 5, JRockit and IBM Java Virtual Machines, and a plethora of application servers that weren’t supported before. See the list below.

In order to upgrade, just download the new stable version at portal.plumbr.io, and overwrite the Plumbr files on your hard drive (but keep the plumbr.lic license file intact). If you have not used Plumbr before and don’t have the license file, just request it by creating an account.

The short summary of the most important improvements in Plumbr 1.0RC5 release:

  • Added support for applications created with Java 5
  • Added support for Oracle JRockit and IBM Java Virtual Machine
  • Added support for JBoss, IBM Websphere, Glassfish application servers
  • Added basic Groovy support
  • Made the leaking demo application more robust and to work with Java 5 as well
  • Improved the statistics reported via the MBean interface
  • Reduced the size of plumbr statistics files (i.e. less disk space needed in case of big heap size)
  • Improved leak detection speed, and reduced Plumbr memory overhead

We also summarized the supported JVMs, application servers, Java versions etc (it’s getting complicated) in the supported environments matrix.

We have had very good discussions with different Java and APM professionals from all over the world. A big thanks to you all! If you see anything important missing in Plumbr – or just enjoy  using the tool in your daily life – let us know via e-mail, in the forums. Your feedback can greatly influence the priorities of Plumbr development!