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How do you detect and solve performance issues?

October 7, 2014 by Ivo Mägi Filed under: Product Updates

How to solve java performance issues - surveyThis post is asking you to help us in building a better product. What we are after is your current experience in Java performance tuning. You can share your insights in just a few minutes via a short survey.  We appreciate your effort and in return grant you access to three months of Plumbr subscription. Also, 10 of the randomly chosen respondents will receive a $100 Amazon gift card.

First 250 responses are already submitted. Based on the data gathered we can already share a few teasers about what kind of data we are collecting:

  • Most commonly used monitoring tools: Nagios, NewRelic and Zabbix
  • Most frequently used tools for root cause detection: JVM built-in tooling, profilers and thread dumps
  • Most common causes for performance issues: memory leaks, slow database queries and synchronization issues

We do have a lots of other interesting insights and are eager to publish the results, but we do not want to influence you too much before taking the survey. Anyhow, we promise to share the results already in the beginning of November.

Our product is completing a major milestone with the biggest release in our history during this week. You input will be used to steer our product development in forthcoming releases, so if you wish to get a better tool to solve those nasty performance issues, find the three minutes to answer the 10 questions!