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A new release is available – upgrade to 1.0RC3!

December 7, 2011 by Vladimir Šor Filed under: Product Updates

We are happy to announce Plumbr 1.0RC3 – a new release that greatly improves speed and leak detection accuracy, includes a demo application for fast demoing of Plumbr and fixes some smaller bugs. We are a big step closer to finally releasing the first official Plumbr 1.0, and perhaps also removing the BETA tag from our logo.

We encourage all users to upgrade, to benefit from a faster and more accurate leak detection and reporting.
In order to upgrade just download the new stable version, and overwrite the Plumbr files on your hard drive (but keep the plumbr.lic license file intact). If you have not used Plumbr before and don’t have the license file, just request it by submitting your e-mail address at www.plumbr.io.

The more important improvements in Plumbr 1.0RC3 release include:

  • Greatly improved leak analysis performance (in some cases analysis time was reduced by up to 20-30 times).
  • In response to popular demand, improved Plumbr visibility during runtime – we created a JMX interface that allows seeing Plumbr status in real time. See the Frequently Asked Questions section for more details on that.
  • Added a demo to the download package that includes a jetty web server with a deployed Spring Pet Clinic sample application (that we “improved” with a memory leak) and an Apache jMeter script for simulating usage of the application. You can use the demo to let Plumbr create a memory leak under your own eyes.
  • Dramatically reduced the amount of memory statistics data stored on your hard drive.
  • Easier upload of memory usage statistics to our servers – Plumbr can also upload stats automatically now.
  • Fixed different smaller bugs in analysis algorithms.
  • Fixed a bug where Plumbr agent didn’t work on Windows when it was in a directory that contained spaces.

We thank everyone who reported bugs or showed their support in other ways! We have received feedback from close to a hundred people who ran Plumbr with their Java apps (and who knows how many of them are running Plumbr and haven’t told us) – it is good to see that people benefit from our software. Keep it up, and let us know what you think of Plumbr!