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Announcing bugfix release 1.0RC2

November 11, 2011 by Vladimir Šor Filed under: Product Updates

First of all a big thanks to everyone who rushed in over the last days – the first public version of Plumbr turned out to be extremely popular! Thanks for keeping us up the days and nights, collecting feedback and improving the product.

And the result is here – we just released Plumbr 1.0RC2. It slightly improves leak detection and the leak report, and fixes the bugs that have been discovered – and is a step closer to a generally approved 1.0! We encourage everyone to upgrade.

In order to upgrade just download the new stable version at My Plumbr, and overwrite the Plumbr files on your hard drive (but keep the plumbr.lic license file intact). If you have not used Plumbr before and don’t have the license file, just request it by submitting your e-mail address at www.plumbr.io.

The more important release notes:

  • Slightly improved the leak detection algorithm
  • Reduced the size of the HTML report
  • Plumbr now publishes a bit more information via the MBean interface
  • Fixed a case where HTML report was corrupt because of a long stacktrace
  • Fixed a license verification bug
  • Various performance optimizations, smaller fixes here and there

We thank everyone who reported bugs or showed their support in other ways – you are playing an important role in Plumbr development! Please keep the communication flowing!