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Want to go to Devoxx? Get your free pass from Plumbr!

October 16, 2012 by Priit Potter Filed under: Plumbr

Update: All passes are now handed out, so the offer is no longer valid. We are going to Devoxx this year. In case you haven’t heard of it – this is the biggest Java event in Europe with approximately 3000 attendants. The event is held in Antwerp, Belgium from 12th to 16th November.

The good part with all this Devoxx fuss is that – we have some Devoxx passes* waiting for you. If you haven’t bought yours – the conference is sold out and this might be your last chance to attend. To get your pass, you need to follow those steps:

  • Buy a Plumbr license before the Devoxx starts.
  • Let us know via email to support@plumbr.io that you are interested in Devoxx pass
  • We send you instructions how to get your pass.

The passes are handed out on first come first served basis. In case we ran out of passes we let you know in the very same blog post. Unfortunately as the conference is sold out we cannot provide an unlimited supply. So be quick.

* Yes, this is a full 5-day pass covering both University and Conference. Yes we know its retail price is $700. No we have not lost our minds.

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