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My impressions from JavaOne Russia

April 29, 2013 by Nikita Salnikov-Tarnovski Filed under: Plumbr

I have just recently returned from JavaOne Russia conference. JavaOne is one of the biggest and the most known conferences for Java developers. The event held in Moscow drew the attention of about 3,000 participants. I was selected to give there my talk about “Multi-platform Java application development”. I will convert that talk into a blog post in the near future, stay tuned.

But what I would like to share with you today are my impressions of this conference. Being a speaker gave me a really good opportunity to see the event from different angles:

  • from the audience, listening
  • from the stage, speaking
  • and from the comfort of the speaker room, socialising with other speakers.

As a conference attendee that was my first chance to hear truly hard-core tech talks by @shipilev and @kuksenk0. You can find the slides of the talks from: http://shipilev.net/pub/. The talks were terrific. The last talk, “Bullet-Proof Java Concurrency” talked about concurrency related bugs in JDK, JVM and even the CPU itself. Very fast-paced, energetic and totally mind-blowing. That was one more confirmation, that our decision to test Plumbr on each target platform separately and not to trust WORA mantra, was spot on.

The venue, Crocus Expo Center, was good, albeit overwhelmingly large. But the idea to serve draft beer was not the most considered one – it made the queue waiting time far too long. And food was remarkably better than on Devoxx. But Oracle, please, think about recording the talks!

As a stage-person I welcomed the rare chance to speak Russian. The audience was very warm. I had to compete for peoples’ attention with @shipilev‘s “The Art of Java Benchmarking”, which was pretty tough. Nevertheless the room was almost full, we had a nice discussion during and after my presentation. I would like to thank all of you, who were there and helped me made my first talk on J1 such a pleasant one.

But the most vibrant memories will certainly remain about chatting, sharing experience and opinions with fellow speakers and organizers. @jbaruch, @shipilev, @kuksenk0, @antonarhipov, @gigabel, Evgeny Borisov, Alexandre Iline. Thank you all for these 3 nice days! Thanks to you this trip was well worth the time, hassle and money. I have learned a lot from you.