Application Monitoring

Understand where and why
your digital services are failing
or underperforming.

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Get exposure to relevant metrics

Availability summary

Be aware of failure rate your API users are experiencing.

Performance summary

Do not rely upon averages. Be alerted on poor performance some of your customers are facing.

Trace the API calls throughout the distributed stack

Expose the end-to-end trace via distributed traces.

Understand where the failures or performance issues originate from.

Prioritize on impact bottlenecks and errors are having

Every failure in the back-end is traced to its origin in source code.

All failed interactions get mapped to specific errors, exposing a list of unique errors ranked by their impact.

Every user interaction exposes the bottlenecks where the most time is spent.

All interactions including this bottleneck are mapped to the specific bottleneck, exposing a list of bottlenecks, ranked by the total time each of them added to user interactions.

Cut down the time to resolve incidents

Besides immediate awareness, you can cut down on time to resolution thanks to immediately being zoomed in to the source of the problem. No more lengthy troubleshooting or reproducing sessions!

For every error, get exposure to where in the source code the error occurred.

For every bottleneck, get exposure to where in the source code the wait occurred, enriched with the bottleneck-specific metadata.

Complete your move to devops

Are you in the devops camp? Adopt state-of the art monitoring to complete the devops implementation. Get fast feedback to the release quality right in front of your service reliability engineers to really cut down the incident response time.

Design the triggers for alerts, based on your custom needs.

Integrate the alerts to your existing monitoring & incident management tools.

Govern the process via reporting.