We believe that application performance management should be automatic.

From research lab to global market

Plumbr grew out of a scientific research that one of the founders, Ph.D. Vladimir Šor, was carrying out in the University of Tartu. His research resulted in something that would change all present perceptions on how performance bottlenecks in IT systems should be handled. And in 2011 Plumbr was born.

Today Plumbr is an application performance monitoring solution that brings transparency into what kind of experience your applications offer to their users. Additionally, it is the only solution on the market that automatically detects the root causes of components that don’t offer a good experience.

Plumbr revolutionizes the way you think about monitoring tools. Tools currently on the market give you endless amount of data and charts which are truly hard to interpret. We don’t think it needs to be that complex. Plumbr logs each and every end user transaction and gives you a complete overview of who uses your application for what, what kind of experience does your application offer, and what are the technical bottlenecks that impact user experience. This is what makes Plumbr unique.

Plumbr is backed by a group of investors whose experience ranges from architecting the first lines of code in Skype to building international energy trading companies. A group of ten people and companies have invested a total of $1.7 million into Plumbr.

Parts of the original research that later grew into the Plumbr product were funded by the European Union. See details

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Plumbr solution and your advice has saved us from a lot of sleepless nights. Aman Jain Adeptia


  • Priit Potter



    Priit has built several development teams from scratch. Before founding Plumbr he was heading a 60-person Business Unit in Nortal.Priit holds an MSc and an MBA and is able to hack our databases to improve his metrics dashboards.

  • Ivo Mägi

    VP of Product


    Why, Who and What. These questions are Ivo’s to reply - as Plumbr Product Manager, Ivo is responsible of making the tough choices in between the number of different paths our product can take. Before joining Plumbr Ivo has managed software teams in Nortal, helped to launch Zeroturnaround and taught numerous software development courses in universities.

  • Nikita Salnikov-Tarnovski



    Squeezing bugs and optimizing performance. That’s what Nikita loves to do. And by now he has more than a decade of experience in it. Bugs in a large e-health system, bugs in his own Clojure hacked-together-pet-project, bugs in his fellow developers’ code and mindset – all of these need solving!

  • Vladimir Šor, PhD

    VP of Engineering


    Vladimir is the crazy scientist who invented the core principles of Plumbr while working on his PhD thesis.Before turning into a crazy scientist, however, he was the architect and lead developer of different telco and banking systems.


  • Jaan Tallinn

    Active angel investor and founding engineer of Skype and Kazaa
    “If we had had a system like Plumbr back in my Skype days, we would have saved millions of dollars of money and lots of man-hours."
  • Matt Arnold

    Active investor in early technology and biotech companies in both the US and Europe
    “A driven team with robust, innovative solutions to real problems."
  • Sten Tamkivi

    Co-founder & CEO of Teleport, former General Manager at Skype and EIR at Andreessen Horowitz
    “I invested in Plumbr for the stellar team: core computer science PhD research brought into real world applications by credible entrepreneurs."