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Changing the way how companies monitor their digital business.

Plumbr exists with the sole purpose of helping our customers to deliver faster and more reliable software to their end users.

We help our customers by monitoring the real user experience of our customer’s software with our products. Our products capture information about the bottlenecks and errors their end users are experiencing. Integrating this information to the customer processes enables our customers to improve the digital user experience and cut the costs on maintenance.

Plumbr was backed by a group of investors whose experience ranges from architecting the first lines of code in Skype to building international energy trading companies. A group of ten people and companies invested more than $2 million into Plumbr.

In October 2020, Plumbr was acquired by Splunk, Inc.

Parts of the original research that later grew into the Plumbr product were funded by the European Union. See details

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Plumbr solution and your advice has saved us from a lot of sleepless nights. Aman Jain Adeptia


  • Jaan Tallinn

    Active angel investor and founding engineer of Skype and Kazaa
    “If we had had a system like Plumbr back in my Skype days, we would have saved millions of dollars of money and lots of man-hours."
  • Matt Arnold

    Active investor in early technology and biotech companies in both the US and Europe
    “A driven team with robust, innovative solutions to real problems."
  • Sten Tamkivi

    Co-founder & CEO of Teleport, former General Manager at Skype and EIR at Andreessen Horowitz
    “I invested in Plumbr for the stellar team: core computer science PhD research brought into real world applications by credible entrepreneurs."